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 Past Consultations

“Policy on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment”

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual violence and requires assistance, please access the safety programs and resources available to students, staff, and faculty both on- and off-campus.


The draft Policy on Sexual Violence draws on the recommendations of the Expert Panel on Sexual Violence Policies and the requirements of Bill 132. The draft Policy also builds on the work of the Presidential and Provostial Committee on Preventing and Responding to Sexual Violence, which began in November 2014.

The legislation requires that a policy come into force by January 1, 2017 that outlines how universities will respond to and address incidents and complaints of sexual violence involving students enrolled at the University.

For further information, please see the University’s work on Preventing and Responding to Sexual Violence on the Provost’s Office website. Questions can be directed to

Related Document(s)

  1. Draft Policy (provided for feedback – September 7 – October 12, 2016)
  2. Proposed Policy (currently in the governance process)
  3. Final Policy on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment (December 15, 2016)

Applicable to:

All members of the University Community


Approved by Governing Council on December 15, 2016.

On-line consultations closed on October 12, 2016. Comments received are now being reviewed. A proposed Policy will enter the governance process for approval in Cycle 2 beginning with the Business Board (Nov 17) and Academic Board (Nov 24) for information, and then University Affairs Board (Nov 28) for recommendation and forwarding to the Executive Committee (Dec 5) and Governing Council (Dec 15) for approval.

“Policy on Open, Accessible and Democratic Autonomous Student Organizations”

Applicable to:

Student Societies and Campus Groups


Approved by Governing Council on June 23, 2016